"if I register will I be bombarded with marketing from dental companies?"

Absolutely not. All our activities are governed by the strictest confidentiality rules and we comply with the GDPR regulations on data protection and giving consent to be contacted. The Dental Survey will only ever send you emails related to new surveys and the prize draws you have entered to announce the lucky winner. With each survey you will be able to easily and quickly opt in or out of any communications at any time.

"are the responses anonymous?"

Yes. We take your details so that we can verify that you are a dental professional and so that we can email you if you’re one of our prize draw winners. Your name is not linked to your responses which are totally anonymous.

"who commissions the surveys?"

Working solely within the dental industry we only conduct surveys that are commissioned by dental companies or for our own research purposes. Many companies contact us as they’re looking to gather insights on a particular topic or interest within this field. Additionally, here at The Dental Survey we like to keep abreast of the industry trends and regularly carry out our own surveys for our own market trend and awareness analysis. It’s important to note that all surveys are carried out under The Dental Survey brand to ensure answers are not biased.

"how long is a typical survey?"

Our surveys take around 5-10 minutes to complete and ask a combination of quantitative and qualitative questions. They can be done quickly and easily online on your computer or any mobile device.

"how do I know if I've won a prize?"

If you’re a lucky winner, we will email you at the end of the survey to let you know.